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The M-Cube Foundation was born in Turin in May 2022, at the end of a pandemic and in the midst of the new war that is affecting Europe.
The Foundation has the aim of conserving the now huge heritage of objects relating to Modern Mythology, starting from the enhancement and making available to the public of the Modina Collection. At the same time, it is proposed as a space for the creation of new innovative companies, capable of grasping with a wide vision the power of Culture and new languages, including technological ones.

The Foundation operates on the imaginary contents of five generations with the aim of bringing attention back to the curiosity for knowledge, identification with the positive values of contemporary heroes, the energy and the potential for change “from below” , the growth that can be triggered through the large numbers of communities that move spontaneously and passionately in these worlds.

The M-Cube Foundation counts among its members professionals from all over Italy and from different sectors: education and culture, European planning, technology and innovation, events and entertainment, managerial services, entrepreneurship and management. A mosaic of apparently different pieces but perfectly functional to the mission and the effectiveness of the project.

The Fabrizio Modina Collection

It is the heart of the M-Cube Foundation, which was created to protect its historical and artistic value, as well as promote its sharing through exhibition and publication projects. Among the most important European collections of Modern Mythology, the Modina collection was the first of its kind in Italy to be exhibited in important institutional museums and art galleries starting from 2005, paving the way for a new perception of Pop Culture as vehicle of support for traditional culture.
In over forty years of activity and research, Fabrizio Modina has collected and preserved over 16,000 works, chosen from comics, books, posters, toys, props and other extremely rare materials from all over the world, closely linked to cinematographic productions, animation, comics , literature, video games, fashion, music and other narrative and visual disciplines from which Modern Mythology was spontaneously generated.

Fabrizio Modina

He is teacher of fashion design and history of Modern Mythology. His three-volume encyclopedia Super Robot Files is considered the only Western-language text to deal analytically with the iconic steel giants of anime. As a collector and curator, he has participated in the creation of exhibitions for important Italian and European museums.

Fabrizio Modina portrait
Manga Heroes – Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan/National Archaeological Museum of Naples
Robot – The Human Project – MUDEC, Milan
Wonder Woman – The Myth – Museum of Fashion and Costume, Milan
Female Warriors from the Rising Sun – Museum of Oriental Art, Turin
Bushi, part 1 – Museum of Oriental Art, Turin
Lady Diana, a free spirit – Venaria Reale Royal Palace
Watch Me Move – Barbican Art Gallery, London
Kyoto/Tokyo – Grimaldi Forum, Principality of Monaco
Things from Another World – National Museum of Cinema, Turin
Manga Impact – National Museum of Cinema, Turin
Des Samouraïs aux Kawaii – Musée Dauphinois, Grenoble
Guerre Stellari Play – Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome
Godzil-Land – Altinate San Gaetano, Padua
Japan: From Samurais to Mazinger – Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso