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Mission & Vision

The M-Cube Foundation believes in the enormous potential of the Modern Mythology universe and is aimed at all those who gravitate to this space, in search of a structural and expressive basis.
Working on the identification that more than four generations attribute to the heroes and fantastic worlds generated by cinema, animation, comics, videogames, television and literature, the M-Cube Foundation is designed to convey and enhance their cultural contents and their respective authors as well. Works of art and artists of our time are detached from the by now erroneous perception of “kid’s play” and all the aspects linked to the deep narrative and anthropological roots are emphasised.

The Foundation recognizes the significant historical and social impact of real figures of our time from music, fashion, sport and the entertainment dimension, recognizing many of the “icons” of the 20th and 21st centuries within them.
The M-Cube Foundation therefore aims to operate from the point of view of “container” and aggregator of fragmented realities today and of professionals who – in a pioneering way or driven by passion – actually operate in the new cultural sector of Modern Mythology as collectors , content and event creators, artists, cosplayers and gamers, without having the right recognition and visibility.

The M-Cube Foundation program includes:

  • the consolidation of alliances that facilitate a new relationship between culture, science and technology
  • expansion of partnerships with public entities, universities and businesses
  • creation of a direct dialogue with citizens (citizen science, citizen generation) with a view to protecting and accompanying a new type of innovation and development
  • operations on the building that will host the Modina Collection – (infra)structures, systems and ways of using resources, as a virtuous model for sustainability
  • development of the M3 virtual platform
  • implementation of the first projects dedicated to stimulating the birth and development of new startups and jobs in the field of Modern Mythology
  • implementation of concrete protection and boost actions with high and rapid economic, social and cultural impact
  • promotion of actions for the protection of the planet and the environment
  • search for other collections to carry out protection and enhancement activities
  • creation of a dialogue with the communities to create an active and cohesive network that brings together all the realities of the sector, evolving them from amateur to professional
  • planning of temporary exhibitions related to the themes of Modern Mythology