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M-Cube & U.U.U.UDUM

Luca Lagash, Federico Coderoni, Morgana Orsetta Ghini

Thanks to the residency at HTW Berlin, as part of the Culture Moves Europe Programme, the M-Cube Foundation started its collaboration with the Collettivo OP and became a development partner of the U.U.UDUM project.

The aim of the project is now to design and develop a VR environment that allows users to emotionally interact with the sounds of the symphonic piece recorded in collaboration with the Accademia Teatro alla Scala in 2021. The composition, entitled ‘One Of A Million’ (UDUM), is the OP Collective’s artistic response to the urgent need to convey the impact of melting glaciers and the water crisis.
The symphonic piece was meticulously broken down into thousands of sounds by artist Luca Lagash, and made available to be unveiled by people, effectively creating a ‘sound community’ and recomposing the entire symphonic piece step by step.

The work that M-Cube is doing in Berlin, in support of the OP Collective, is the structural premise for a dense programme of activities that will take place throughout Italy (and Berlin) from 2024 to 2027.